Thursday, November 29, 2012

Season of Negativity, Gossip, and Selfishness

I have been going through a real season of… negativity, gossip, and real selfishness.  Leading up to and during the Thanksgiving season, I allowed myself to be wrapped up in family drama.  I'm not proud to say that my children saw me complain, gossip, and sow seeds of discontent in my husband regarding certain members of his family.
All the time I knew I was wrong.  I could feel God's spirit calling to me, to let it go, to pray, to read His word.  But I refused. I wanted to be miserable and I was happy that people finally saw what I've seen for so many years.  Enjoying it a bit too much and feeding into it way beyond measure.

I was tire of being taken advantage of and I was finally putting my foot down.

Looking back, I agree with the decisions I made to make sure I was not being taken advantage of, again.  But I could've done it in love.  I could've spoken words of wisdom into the situation - or at least words of love, understanding. That's what the Lord requires of us - as hard as it can be sometimes.

Going forward, I choose not to be negative towards anyone.  I choose to speak words that will uplift and show mercy.  Because I'm not the old me anymore.  My actions, my words, have to be proof of this.

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