Thursday, June 9, 2011

Start of a new adventure...!

I'm starting a new and exciting journey in my life and I think the best way to document it is to just blog about it.  This new blog is just for me, just for fun, and just because.

So today is my LAST DAY at work (at least temporarily)!  As of Monday I will officially be on Maternity Leave for the next 3-4 months (hurray!).  I'm super excited because I've never stayed home with my kids (Kaity, 10; Marissa, 7; Jeremiah, 6) for more than 2 weeks - plus the fact that we will now have an infant to add to the mix.  Of course I'm nervous and my husband is expecting a lot from me as far as the up-keeping of the house, but I'm ready for the challenge.
My goals?
  • Grow as a Christian Woman...  I want to be the woman God made me to be and not anything like the one I am currently.  I want to give up my life to Him and not be this selfish, quick to anger, lazy, self-seeking (ok, ok, you get the picture!) woman!  I think this is my biggest challenge!
  • Grow as a Christian Wife... I need to put my husband first at all times and respect and love him the way he needs me to.  This includes things like housework as well!
  • Grow as a Christian Mom... My children are quickly growing and they really need a true mom in their lives.  I have always worked over 40 hour weeks and that's not fair to them.  I need to be here for them and teach them and love them and just be a mom to them.  I think part of this goal is really knowing what it means to be a 100% Full Time mother...
  • Grow as a Christian Friend... I'll be the first to admit it - I'm not a good friend!  I'm not a people person - I've never been one!  But God made us to fellowship with one another and I know that this is a great blessing that He has given us.  So I need to open myself up to embracing friendships and learning how to become a good friend to others.
I think those are my main goals for now... tomorrow is my first day of this new life!! God help me!


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