Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Beginning of Marissa's Card Ministry

Tonight Marissa ("Mari") came to me to discuss some sad feelings she had been having.  You see, our Mari is always "the one"; if there's something broken, someone yelling too loudly, a mess somewhere - you can bet Marissa is behind it all.  She's not mean or malicious, she's very sweet and has an outgoing personality - full of life!  Sometimes it just seems like too much "life" for our tiny little home! (smile)

So tonight she came to me with this sadness because she had gotten in trouble (again) earlier in the day... and as she was talking I just prayed to God that He would give me the right words to say to her.  And, as always, God provided.  One of the reasons Mari always gets in trouble is because she's bored; we can never keep her entertained.  While Jeremiah and Kaitlyn are easily entertained with their interests (games, art, etc) - Marissa can never find anything that holds her interest.  But one thing remains constant with her: she wants to help.  One of Mari's favorite games is when she says she's our servant (like Jesus served His disciples by washing their feet) and asks us what she can do for us. What a game!!  So the Holy Spirit put in my mind an idea that will bring some things Mari likes to do (serve, write letters) and glorify God with it.  I spoke to her about starting a Card Ministry.  With this ministry she could use our church calendar (which has birthdays & anniversaries of members listed) to send out cards to our church family as well as use other opportunities: like if she hears that someone is sick or if she just wants to thank someone for something they've done.

Marissa was very excited about this ministry and had tears in her eyes as we spoke about it.  She's already written two draft letters (one to her Sunday School teacher and one to Auntie Marcia) and is super excited to send those out tomorrow.

Thank you, Jesus, for showing me the way to minister to Marissa.  She is a blessing to our family and my biggest prayer with her is for me to know the right way to raise her.


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  1. What a special daughter you have there! Learning to serve at such a young age is such a good thing. Thanks for linking up.

    Lori from Always Learning