Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Have Mercy on Us, Lord.

Hurricane Sandy has officially passed our area in NJ.  I praise God for His mercies on our home and our area.  We barely got any rain - no worse than any other rainy day.  Though we did get strong winds at times, and it seems some sort of generator exploded right infront of our house - we never lost power! God is so good.  I was praying to Him that He would protect this whole street for our sake and for His glory. That even if we got some flooding, to let us not lose power as I wouldn't know what to do with four young kids and no power, not to mention all the food we'd lose in the fridge and our basement freezer.  And to His glory, not only did we not lose power, but our flood-prone basement is bone dry!  I praise His holy name. He is awesome and powerful and I feel blessed to have felt His mercies tonight.

But others weren't so blessed. I pray for those who were affected by this storm. Especially the Lower East Side of Manhattan that have been in a black out since late last night.  My mom, MIL, brother, and BIL are all in that area (they actually live in the same building). Praying for all those who had to be moved from the NYU hospital because the backup generator didn't work.  Praying for all those fires breaking out - especially the huge 5 alarm one in Breezy Point.  Lord have mercy on these people.  That's all that I can pray. Have mercy - over and over again that's my prayer. Have mercy. Have mercy. Please, Lord, have mercy!  I pray that His powerful strength and healing comfort are all felt throughout the East Coast.  I pray that people who are lost would turn to Him and focus on His goodness, on His everlasting mercies.

I wake up this morning with praise on my lips and prayers in my heart.  Father, thank you for the mercy You have shown already.  I pray for more mercy. Have mercy. I pray Your Holy Spirit would move about NYC and the surrounding areas and would spread Your Hope, Love, and Mercy.  I pray that Christians all over show your love by extending their hands out in grace and love.  Show me how we can help.

In Jesus,

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