Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day One of Veggie diet


So I completely failed day one of trying to add more veggies to my diet. I was actually really excited to start this but by breakfast (pancakes, eggs, & coffee), I had completely forgot about my goal! I remembered by lunch and skipped the pizza & soda I would've normally had since I took the kids to eat at Sam's Club (a proud moment for me!) and just drank water until I could get to something healthier. I snacked on grapes in the car in our way to a birthday party and had tomatoes & pickles on my burger (that counts... Right?) at the party. I also had some more fruits and only a small brownie for dessert. But then I got home and caved in when I saw my left over pack of M&M's from yesterday.

All in all a complete failure... But looking forward I've decided not to buy anymore M&M's (this time I mean it!) and to stock up on veggies the next time I do grocery shopping. Saturday is an awkward day to start new habits anyway (I've decided)!



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