Monday, July 18, 2011


Today was a busy day for me: the kids started VBS for the first time ever, while they were at VBS I did some food shopping with a sister from church, then we went back to church to pick up our kids (my 4 plus her daughter and two nieces) and went back to my house where we hung out all day until they were all picked up (from 12pm - 4pm).
So there were a total of 7 kids in my not so clean house - a fact that did not escape my husband when he came home and I (mistakenly) complained about my tiresome day. It's not that the visitors were troublesome - I'm just not used to having people in my home and it's something I'm hoping to get rid of. I want to open my home to our church family and allow my kids to have fun and enjoy fellowship with others. It's just hard for me, my first instinct is to be left alone and not have to deal with anyone but my own rugrats. So my mistake was to take my day and turn it into a complaint to my husband instead of turning it into a praise report! I opened our home to another family and the kids had fun and dinner was cooked when you got home! yay!
But no, instead I complained and then my husband began to complain: how could I have ANYone in this messy house! And dinner? Dinner was nothing but spaghetti & sausage thrown together last minute because I didn't have time to make something better.

Granted, that last argument was very upsetting for me and I responded by taking an hour to buy some breakfast items at our local supermarket. I started out in the car by arguing with God about my insensitive husband but prayed for Him to open my eyes and heart regardless. And slowly my icy heart became warm again and I wasn't bothered anymore by those words. They are just words and they were probably as a result of my own complaints. How would I feel if, after working a physically exhaustive job, I come home to a complaining spouse? I think I might be annoyed and unintentionally pick at things that my spouse had (or hadn't) done.
So though I was a bit frustrated and felt underappreciated, I was able to pray through it and see the other side of it.

Lord, please help me clean a little better tomorrow and come up with a meal my hubby would love to come home to!!

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