Monday, July 11, 2011

A visit from Grandpa

So my dad visited our family this weekend... and I don't know why I didn't take more pictures!  My dad lives in NYC and I can count how many times he's visited us on one hand (more like two fingers!), so I definitely should've taken more pictures.  It's not that we rarely see him - we visit NYC at least once every few months (sometimes more).  It was just the fact that he actually came down to South Jersey!
My dad came down with his girlfriend and her 18 yr old son - they visited for an hour or so before taking us out to dinner and then they headed back to NYC.  It was a nice visit - short and sweet is nice for me with my 3 kids and an infant.  Plus talking with my dad's girlfriend is still a bit awkward, though she's been around for a few years now.
At any rate, below is a picture of Kaity (my eldest) and her grandfather while we waited to be seated at Olive Garden.


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