Friday, January 27, 2012

Attack of the Junk Food!!

I am sick! Like sick to my stomach, sick.  As I sit and write this post I'm drinking water to try to cleanse my insides... let me explain.

For four days I drank nothing but water and a few cups of coffee.  My first meal off my period of drinking water was Frosted Flakes... and that's when my senses were attacked!  It was as if I took a bowl of sugar, mixed it with some milk, and just swallowed it for breakfast.  It never hit me how much sugar is in this cereal until this morning.  I vow to never buy it again (though I can't say the same for my husband, whose favorite cereal it is).

Then I had an American cheese grilled cheese sandwich for lunch (one of my favorite meals) and again my stomach turned.  Suddenly this once delicious sandwich left a sour taste in my mouth and my stomach.

Then, because I like to torture myself, we had chinese food for dinner.  I will save you the gory details of how I felt after just eating half of my meal.  And to top off this attack on my poor stomach, my husband came home with what is usually a treat for me: a pack of M&M's!  Trying to be the loving wife that I am, I graciously accepted his gift and ripped open the little yellow bag and swallowed two before they had a chance!  But I only ate two more after that and I was done... my body has shut down and refuses to eat/smell/think of food.

So now I reflect on all this and think that maybe God is trying to open my eyes to my unhealthy eating habits.  I'm definitely going to do some research and see how I can change my eating habits... maybe challenge myself to eat more raw veggies and cut out the junk.  We'll see where this leads, but somethings GOT to change!

In Christ,

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