Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Gentleness Challenge

Well, if you've been following along with my blog, then you know the struggles I'm having with Marissa and her night time anxieties.  It's been a real challenge for me and I find myself losing my patience on many nights because of her screams and dramatics.

I really feel that God is trying to grow me in this situation, but sometimes I feel like I'm not prepared or equipped to be that patient, kind, sweet mom in all situations (especially with a screaming, kicking child!).

I don't want to be this crazy mother that yells at her children and have them afraid of me in any way.  I also don't want to see them grow into mothers who have short tempers with their own children and on and on it goes.

So when I saw that Women Living Well was having a Gentleness Challenge for mothers like me (who lose their tempers!), I knew it was a Godsend!   I look forward to taking part of this challenge and blogging my way through it!

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