Thursday, December 29, 2011

Marissa's Journey - Please pray...

I'm sitting here with my son sleeping against my chest and classical music blasting in my ears from my headset.  The noise I'm trying to drown out? My 8 year old daughter yelling and screaming from her room, yet again.  We've been going through this for weeks now and I am spiritually and mentally exhausted.  I'm going to be 100% transparent - it's been so bad that I've had to sleep in the living room with my youngest son so that my daughter doesn't stay up screaming the whole night.  Our bedroom is on the 2nd floor and so she will scream all night because she doesn't like being on the first floor with her siblings.  So I have to sleep in the living room because otherwise she will go to our bedroom all night with her crying and screaming and my husband works and has no patience for it.

I honestly don't know what else to do or where else to turn.  So I cry to Father God and pray for peace in my home.  All I want is peace for her and peace for our family.  I'm afraid that if she keeps this up she will just continue down a bad path and will eventually lead to her being outside of God's will for her life - a very scary place to be.

My home is not right and there's just a spirit of unrest and chaos here that I just need to pray out.  But I feel drained emotionally and spiritually and not being able to sleep at night because of Marissa and my 6 month old son is leaving me really drained and tired.  I can't wake up early enough to be in my prayer time. I have to take care of my family during the day.  Then in the evening I'm dealing with Marissa's drama and then Sam waking up.  I'm not sure what to do.

Please pray for this situation. I know God is in control and I pray that His will in this will be shown to me at some point.  I have three other children and a husband and this is really putting a lot of stress in our family.  But God is in control. I pray that He will help us through this.

In Christ,

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