Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Marissa's Journey - Part II

It's been a few weeks since Marissa began having her anxiety attacks that began as a result of dealing with a bully at school.  I've been praying and seeking God and asking Him for wisdom and Marissa is slowly starting to not have these attacks.

But we had to go through a lot before we got to where we are at now (and we're still in this journey!).  Marissa was so lost in her anxiety attacks that she just wouldn't (or couldn't) listen to reason and I was honestly afraid she was going to hurt herself with all her jumping, screaming, and banging.  I mean it had only been a few weeks and she had lost so much weight and had dark circles under her eyes.  So I went to  GNC and looked for a natural relaxant, something to just calm her down in the evenings and help her rest.  I had remember reading somewhere also that Vitamin B 12 was good for anxiety.  So I got her some of that too.

The first night I gave her the natural relaxant, she slept the whole night through and it was such a relief. I went out the next day and also bought her daily multi-vitamin gummies and fish oil.  The kids all now take a daily multi-vitamin & Marissa takes the extra supplements (she loves that she takes something more than her siblings).  I have her on a routine in the evenings where I tuck her in bed and read to her and then we talk, pray, and she has to remain in bed.  Sometimes she listens to soft music, or she'll read, but she knows she cannot get up unless she has to go to the bathroom.  We've had a few setbacks, but praise the Lord she has been doing SO well!!  The relaxant really helps her sleep through the night - which her body really needed. She's eating great now and I just pray that she continues this even after school starts up again next week!

We talk a lot about God and the Bible and she has GREAT questions that we talk about at night.  Marissa is very inquisitive when it comes to her faith and I pray that I can answer all her questions in a way that she can understand and grow closer to her Savior.

Thank you for all your prayers.  Please continue to pray as I hope to slowly get her off this relaxant (prayerfully without her even knowing!) and have her relax in the evenings on her own.

In Christ,

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